Hand Made In The USA and Fitted Exactly To Your Body Measurements.

100% American Made 

For Any Special Requests Regarding Customization, Please Email Us At

 Note:  Please allow 14 weeks before shipment, as these are custom hand-made to order. 

MATERIAL SELECTION will be specified:  Leather/ Denim/ Cordura (etc).  Please look at our options in the pictures provided.  We have a ton! 

LINER DESCRIPTION:  Please glance at our liners page to see what options we have in stock.  We have a variety of bandana color options, flags, camo options, mesh, flannels, and color fabrics available.  Please fill in the "Custom" text and be ready to provide us a full resolution image so we can send to print.  We have graphic artists if needed available for super custom prints, however, additional charges may apply.


CUSTOM OPTIONS ORDERING NOTICE:  Please refresh screen if custom options don't pop up right away.  There are a lot of options and depending on internet speed, may take time to load.