Family: A concept I had previously thought I understood in its entirety. What I had right was the understanding that members of a family go out of their way for each other to make sure that each member feels loved and supported. What I didn’t understand yet was that the parameters of a family cannot and should not be limited by any means. This understanding of what a family can be firmly planted itself in my mind the morning of Easyriders’ 2019 Bike Show in Sacramento where we as representatives of Espinoza’s Leather Co. are proud to be vendors each year. The crew for this event featured Eric (uncle), Gil Jr. (dad), Esmeralda (mom), Leville (cousin), and yours truly. We abruptly awoke that cold morning to a screeching cellphone alarm that seemed to collectively shake our souls as it reverberated off the hotel walls. It signaled to us a long day ahead as we looked at each other stunned and confused as to who would be brave enough to leave the comfort of their bed to end the sufferable noise. My dad would answer the call and fighting the grogginess we each got up steadily to sort out our clothes and mentally prepare for the busy day ahead that Easy Riders show annually has in store for us.

To our delight that cold and uneasy morning was soon met by a warm and welcoming surprise as we had the privilege of being invited to breakfast at Nate and Tonya Rickhardt’s home just 15 minutes from the Sacramento Convention Center where Easyriders’ show takes place. We were greeted with open arms and a buffet filled with baked eggs with cheese, potatoes, muffins, bread rolls, and fresh fruit. They expressed their upmost gratitude for our work as we had made Nate a custom vest that fit him like glove and that he was proud to wear. On our way out they were kind enough to send each of us off with some event t-shirts they had from the previous Easyriders’ show. I cannot say how proud I was to be an Espinoza after being shown such love and gratitude for the work that we do by such generous and warm-hearted people who were happy to go out of their way to provide us a delicious meal before the long day ahead of us.

            Custom work is a true art form that has been generally perceived as being lost for many years, especially in the motorcycle apparel industry. At Espinoza’s, we provide a lost art to many valued customers who appreciate the time and dedication it takes to make each custom garment specifically designed and tailored to each customer’s liking. As a family owned and operated business, we take your dreams and make them into a reality that you can truly call your own unique garment and can wear for a lifetime collecting memories and passing them on for future generations to cherish. Little did I know that as a result of this one-of-a-kind business we are proud to possess, some would be as grateful as the Rickhardt’s that they would accept us as family and bring us into their home to show us how much we mean to them for the work that we do for the global biker community. For that I feel truly blessed as they have shown me that our family is not limited to just our relatives, but is in fact an ever-growing collective of people who appreciate what we do on a daily basis and even have the kindness to go out of their way to give back to us in any way they can. With each new work of art that we craft we continually add new members to our global family, which at the end of the day makes this job truly fulfilling.