Classic Blue Denim with Peanut Stitching

Blue Denim Shirt-JacketBlue Denim Shirt-Jacket in Detail









Winter is finally here and there’s no avoiding it’s freezing cold air as you’re riding through it on your bike. You’re best bet to safeguard yourself from both the cold and the ground is a custom shirt-jacket.

This shirt jacket possesses a complimentary color scheme of blue denim and peanut brown stitching. It’s front pocket template is a club vest style (top chest patch pockets and bottom slanted pockets). We added an old school full collar that snaps down to prevent it from flapping in the wind. The inside of the shirt-jacket is lined with a warm and comfortable black and white wool flannel. It also has the classic inside pocket setup (two Bible pockets on either side and a chest pocket on the left side). Winter isn’t going to wait for you to prepare for it so don’t wait any longer to stop by the shop and get fitted.