The Baller Jacket has become a signature style for both riding and styling in the biker world

It gives you the best of both worlds with the perfect fit and one-of-a-kind appearance along with the latest innovations in biker apparel and riding gear for the perfect ride. The standard option utilizes a combination of classic cowhide leather (on the chest and shoulder area, the sleeves, and the two top front pockets) with dark blue denim (on the lower belly and back panels as well as the hood), however, there is an option to substitute the cowhide leather for any of the following options: deerskin, buffalo-hide, lambskin, perforated cowhide, or distressed brown or black. We offer cowhide as the default exterior leather because it is the most durable leather we offer to protect the rider from the elements such as rain or snow. Deerskin is our most elegant leather that possesses a soft and smooth texture specifically made for maximum rider comfort.

Buffalo-hide differs greatly from deerskin because it is our heaviest and thickest leather built for premium protection and a safe ride. Lambskin goes beyond deerskin in terms of its grade of softness, yet it maintains a grainier form so it does not look as dull or flat. Perforated cowhide provides the rider with sufficient airflow for a more breezy and relaxing ride. Distressed leather demonstrates a more “old school” or rustic appearance perfect for creating the ideal “throwback cut.” The hybrid aspect of the Baller Jacket separates this unique style from the rest with its originality, but the functionality truly elevates the Baller Jacket above its counterparts.

It features two top front pockets and two inside pockets (one pistol pocket and one regular drop-in pocket) each with a snap closure to ensure the safety of your belongings. The Baller Jacket also comes with a black cotton lining for a sharp finish. To ride with an Espinoza’s Baller Jacket is to fully indulge oneself in the riding experience, so make sure you don’t place your kickstands up without our signature jacket having your back.