Today, we take a look at our first edition of our Faves of the Week, which happens to be a hybrid vest with our most prominent custom option: diamond stitching. This garment features UV coated, full grain, 1.5 mm thick black cowhide and 14 oz. 501 blue denim with kelly green, poly-cotton stitching. The interior lining layout really differentiates this model from any other as it is the customer’s actual military shirt on the front pieces and a custom military logo on the back piece. This vest is not just another riding cut but an actual memento for the wearer of all he’d been through being a soldier of the U.S. military.

The owner of this custom cut is Christian Madrid from Bakersfield, California, who rides a Harley Davidson Lowrider S. When asked why he chose Espinoza’s and what his favorite part of the ordering experience was he stated, “I chose Espinoza’s Leather Co. because from the first time I saw one of their cuts I was blown away by their high-quality craftsmanship. My favorite part of the ordering experience was definitely going to the store and feeling the atmosphere from the moment you walk in the door. Nothing beats the smell of real, premium-grade leather or the great customer service you receive as soon as you enter. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time ordering an Espinoza’s custom cut or if it’s your tenth time because they treat you like family.”

Its reactions like these that truly reiterate to us that the dedication, energy, and time we put into making these custom works of art isn’t done without any recognition. To be able to provide someone with a high-quality product is a great aspiration for many companies, but at Espinoza’s we strive to take it a step further for our customers. We want to establish collaborative relationships with our customers and really get to know them to make them a custom cut that is unique to their interests, personality, and background. This establishment welcomes people from all walks of life to do business and we pride ourselves on that quality of customer interaction that you can only find at Espinoza’s. Stay tuned for more as we continue to press on towards summertime and unveil more our faves for each week.